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Rental of physical dedicated servers in Russia

Powerful servers for complex projects with heavy workloads and special security requirements
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Renting a dedicated server in Russia is an opportunity to place your project as close as possible to your users.

Rent a dedicated server in Russia
A dedicated server is especially relevant when the project requires high power or the presence of a large amount of hard disk, and the resources of other types of hosting are no longer enough.

The the data center in which the servers are installed is located in St. Petersburg. It is connected to the largest exchange points of backbone providers, which means that access to a dedicated server will be with the fastest response.
Choose the suitable prices for low-cost rental rates for selected dedicated servers in Russia
A dedicated physical server has high power compared to a virtual server, which allows you to host various highly loaded projects on it:
Virtual machine deployment
Using containerization technology
Placement of projects with high traffic
If necessary, you can install the OS from your image, for this KVM and the image that you provided will be connected to the server.
If during the operation of the server there are any problems, we can connect the KVM and provide it to you for diagnosing the server’s operation directly. Of course, we will be happy to help you in case of unforeseen problems, within the framework of our competencies.

Why rent a physical dedicated server in Russia from FASTVPS is ideal for solving your problems?

Buy inexpensive powerful dedicated server in Russia
Additionally, it is worth mentioning the geographical position of the data-center. Are you planning to rent a dedicated server in Moscow, Novosibirsk or Yekaterinburg to host your project? — Choose St.Petersburg.

Renting a dedicated physical server in Russia, in St.Petersburg, will allow providing content at maximum speed to both customers from the Russian Federation, and from the EU and neighboring countries.

FASTVPS offers powerful servers with proven components. Depending on the requirements of your project, you can choose a server of any capacity, starting with Core2Duo ™, and ending with multiprocessor systems.