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VPS/VDS virtual servers with location
in Russia

Optimal rental prices for virtual VPS / VDS servers located in Russia.

Choose the best rate and the optimal virtual server configuration for your tasks!
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For projects designed for users from the Russian Federation, FASTVPS offers VPS servers in Russia

virtual server rental in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk or Yekaterinburg)
Where is the data center where the VPS servers is located? The data center in which our servers are located is located in St. Petersburg. That in turn will allow you to get quick access to server resources for users throughout Russia, because the data center is connected to the largest backbone providers. At the same time, access to the project located on the server for other users will be as fast as possible, which will allow all users to work comfortably, regardless of their location.

If you are looking for a server for rent in Moscow or server rental in Novosibirsk, or Yekaterinburg, you can safely choose our VPS servers in Russia. The difference in response time will be minimal for all cities. At the same time, you will receive high-quality equipment, with high speed and premium support from our side.
low rental prices of virtual VPS / VDS in Russia (Moscow, St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk or Yekaterinburg)
Server rental in Russia allows you to achieve the following advantages:
Maximum performance at low cost.
High speed and minimal response time for users from Russia
Given the location of the data center, the minimum response time will also be for users from neighboring countries
Premium level of support, of course, in Russian

Features of virtual servers in Russia

Various configurations of VPS/VDS servers in Russia
Virtual servers in Russia run on the OpenVZ virtualization system. There are no restrictions on the number of sites, databases, mailboxes and similar things that are hosted on the server. Limitations are only in the size of the hard disk, provided at a rate.

Please note that server management requires some technical knowledge. But when using the control panel, any server settings are reduced to a couple of mouse clicks. We recommend using the control panel that we developed - FASTPANEL.

Host servers are assembled on the best components, which allows virtual servers to work as quickly as possible, at the same time having a competitive price