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CentOS VPS hosting

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CentOS VPS hosting

FASTVPS CentOS hosting
CentOS is an operating system that represents a large Linux family. This OS is distributed 
for free and is one of the most popular Linux distros for servers. Virtual Linux servers are 
often cheaper than their Windows counterparts, while Linux stability and security meet or 
exceed Windows standards.
CentOS is based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Unlike many other distros, such as Debian or 
Ubuntu, CentOS is based on the RHEL source code. Many users believe that this provides a 
higher level of reliability.
New versions of CentOS appear quite infrequently, every 3–4 years. But this is hardly a 
drawback, since a lot of attention is paid to the selection of software for each new version of 
CentOS, which will then be supported for a long time. Releasing the most stable versions is 
the policy of the CentOS developer community.
The advantage of CentOS is the long life cycle of each OS version — 10 years.

CentOS FASTVPS hosting

Hosting with CentOS servers
FASTVPS hosting offers you non-managed servers with CentOS. CentOS versions 6, 7 and 
the newest 8th version (2019) are available. You can configure the operating system yourself 
and install all the necessary software according to the needs of your project.
By ordering non-managed CentOS VPS hosting, you will get:
root access;
ability to use the FASTPANEL control panel for free;
server backups are included in price;
Linux VPS / VDS is activated within 10 minutes after payment, unless manual order processing is required;
FASTVPS has a highly qualified English-language support team which is ready to help 24/7.

Advantages of CentOS FASTVPS hosting

Hosting locations
Choose your hosting location

Our Linux VPS servers are located in Europe, the United States, and Russia in Tier 3 or 4
data centers. In Estonia, FASTVPS owns its own data center maintained by a professional 
engineering service working round-the-clock.
You can choose the best pricing plan for CentOS hosting
Optimal VPS performance

FASTVPS offers a variety of pricing plans for virtual servers, so that each client can choose 
the right VPS and not overpay for unwanted resources. 
For a single-page web site, an economical VPS plan will be suitable starting from 2 euro per month, with 5 GB of disk space and 1 GB of RAM.
For projects requiring a large amount of resources choose our best VPS servers with up to 256 GB on fast NVMe disks and 32 GB of RAM.
Free control hosting panel
Web hosting control panel

Order a FASTVPS virtual server and you will get the FASTPANEL server control panel for 
free. This is a new user-friendly control panel with that will make setting up a web server and hosting sites simple even for a beginner. You will save not only your money, but also your time!