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VPS / VDS Linux hosting

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Linux Hosting

Linux VPS / VDS hosting
The popularity of Linux hosting is constantly growing. Linux is a family of open-source operating systems. Hosting on Linux has proven to be the most flexible solution, suitable for both simple projects and the most non-standard tasks. Linux VPS / VDS is usually cheaper than similar machines on Windows while surpassing them in stability and security. In addition, Linux helps you save money on proprietary software without losing functions or performance. Linux has always been and remains the number one OS for developers, and its audience in the IT industry continues to expand. And for CMS (WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, etc.) and web-site hosting, Linux hosting is a well-established standard.

FASTVPS Linux hosting

Select the best web hosting solution
FASTVPS offers VPS / VDS Linux hosting. CentOS 6, 7, Debian 8, 9, 10, Ubuntu 18.04 are supported. 
Choose the best Linux hosting with one of our pricing plans:
5 to 256 GB of disk space;
1 to 32 GB of RAM;
prices from 1.66 euro per month;
fast VPS / VDS on SSD or budget option on SAS drives;
Linux VPS / VDS is activated within 10 minutes after payment unless manual order processing is required;
the price for renting VPS / VDS Linux hosting includes automatic backups.


Linux hosting locations
FASTVPS servers are located in data centers in Estonia, the United States, and Russia. Choose location according to the demands of your project.
Consider hosting your online project in Estonia: this location allows you to combine the advantages of being located in the EU with equally fast ping for clients from Western and Eastern Europe.
TIER 3 data centers provide excellent server maintenance.

Hosting control panel

Linux hosting for rent
VPS / VDS Linux hosting is usually configured and supported by the means of a server control panel. Those times when the configuration was performed only through the terminal are over, and setting up websites and configuring a web-server is available to any user without special knowledge.

When you rent a FASTVPS Linux hosting, you get the FASTPANEL server control panel for free.

With our control panel, configuring a server is a simple, straightforward process that will not take much time, even for a novice.