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Windows Hosting: Make Yourself at Home

VPS / VDS Windows hosting
Despite the share of Windows Server in the enterprise market is still significant, Linux continues to gradually gain dominance as a server OS. In this regard, the question may arise whether Windows VPS/VDS hosting has any future. But the good old Windows Server still allows you to effectively use server hosting capacity thanks to an easy-to-manage and familiar environment. Therefore, Windows may appeal not only to large corporations but also to small or medium-sized businesses that use VPS services.
A VPS / VDS or “virtual private/dedicated server" is a virtual machine deployed on a physical server. The server itself is hosted in a data center and maintained by a hosting service provider. VPS fully reproduces the operation of a bare metal server. When renting a VPS, you get full control over it: root access, ability to install any software you want and to perform deep configuration. VPS/VDS is a flexible and affordable option among the hosting services available on the market.

Windows Server Hosting

Windows hosting pricing plans
With a Windows VPS the customer gets a full set of server tools that run smoothly out of the box: IIS (Internet Information Services, a web server from Windows), Microsoft Exchange (corporate mail server), Active Directory (network objects management service), MS SQL (database management system) and other products developed by Microsoft. All of them work perfectly together and allow you to manage your server with minimal effort.
In what cases should you choose a Windows VPS? Have a look at Windows plans if you are going to work with Windows software such as 1C, ASP.NET, or if you manage a large number of client computers on Windows. Our WHS Windows hosting plans are built on Intel® Xeon™ servers with a disk capacity of 20 to 60 GB and with 2 to 10 GB of RAM. The data center is located in the EU.

Windows Server VDS hosting for business

Windows Server VDS hosting for business
Windows hosting is the best choice for a corporate server since it allows you to remotely deploy many familiar solutions that are compatible with your employees' work routine.
Contributors and employees will be able to use the work environment they are already accustomed to regardless of what device they are connecting from, thanks to RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), a Windows protocol for providing remote access.
Distribution of access rights between users and the maintenance of remote workstations, for example, mass software installation, can be easily performed using Active Directory.
Buy Windows hosting to create a remote workspace for your company. It is suitable for many professional areas, such as accounting, programming or design.