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From 09:00 till 01:00 opens through 2 hours
Drawing up of all necessary reporting documentation for legal entities and private entrepreneurs
Technical support
Professional administration of your server 24/7 and prompt assistance (average response time <20 minutes) of the customer support, covering a wide range of works, is already included in your plan!
Fast installation
Automatic installation of virtual servers (VPS/VDS) immediately after payment − your server is ready in 1 minute
Automatic backup for virtual servers (VPS/VDS) keeps your data safe at any time
Monitoring of your server, notifying about any problems in its operation and assistance necessary for restoration of its performance
Disk system monitoring
We will replace the equipment of your dedicated physical server in time in order to avoid data loss
Software updates
A centralized software updating system on virtual servers and current versions of operational systems − forget about the old and vulnerable software
Unified plans
Unified technical specifications for virtual servers (VPS/VDS) at any location
Control panel FASTPANEL
A modern interface, an unlimited number of websites − control your server and websites as simple as you do with a standard hosting and save up to 100% of the server cost if compared to a price for a separate control panel
State of the art equipment
We have modern equipment all around the world and our own data center in Estonia, only modern SSD and NVME disks for virtual servers − your websites work faster and better protected!
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