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What is a dedicated server and what it's advantages?

Conditional image of a physical server
A dedicated server means full control over a physical machine.

Thus, only your data will be stored on the server and all server resources will belong to you, without neighboring virtual machines of other users.

What is more profitable: buying or renting a server?

The advantage of renting dedicated servers
Renting dedicated servers is usually more profitable than buying and servicing. If you are considering whether to rent a server from us or purchase your own, we recommend that you consider the following points:
buying a server means large amount of money that you have to pay immediately;
server installation requires the creation of a certain infrastructure - electricity, network, cooling, dust protection;
installation and initial configuration of the server requires specific knowledge and skills;
constant monitoring of the server is necessary, otherwise, there is the likelihood of a long downtime in the event of a failure of any component;
if a component breaks down, you will need to buy and install it yourself.
In case of renting a server, we take all of the above points, therefore, for a certain amount, you get a server ready for work with premium support from our side.

FASTVPS offers various types and configurations of dedicated servers

Is your project at the very beginning of the development path, but requires more resources than other types of servers can offer? Entry-level servers are a perfect fit for you, with Intel® Core i7 ™, 32GB RAM, and SSD drives for maximum performance.
Does your project require heaps of disk space? For storing large amounts of data that are not demanding on access speed, servers with HDDs from 2 TB are suitable. If the project involves a large number of disk operations and requires maximum performance of the disk system, then it is worth considering servers with NVMe disks.NVMe drives use the PCI-E port for data transfer, which allows, in theory, to reach speeds of up to 3.2 Gb/s.
For more serious projects, it is more efficient to use servers based on Intel® Xeon®, as well as servers based on AMD EPYC ™ and Ryzen ™.
For heavy-loaded large-scale projects, we offer dedicated Dell® servers with increased capacity, with the option to select the required hard drives.

Dedicated physical servers in Europe

Main locations of our Dedicated serversDedicated physical servers that we offer for rent are located in the largest data centers in Germany, Finland.
For servers in Germany and Finland, the channel bandwidth is 1 Gb/s;
Fo other countries, the channel bandwidth for servers is 100 Mb/s;
For servers in Europe, we offer free 100 GB of space on the backup server.


Choosing the optimal configuration of a dedicated server
We install Linux or Windows® based operating systems. If necessary, you can install the OS from your image, for this KVM and the image that you provided will be connected to the server. For some versions of the OS, you may need to confirm ownership of the license key..

By default, 2 drives are installed on all servers, so we configure the software RAID-1 array during the installation of the OS.

On some servers it is possible to install additional elements:
hard drives;
network cards;
hardware RAID controller
On all servers, we install scripts for monitoring the status of hard drives and errors in the kernel of the OS (for Linux). In case of failure of any server component, we will replace it for free at the time agreed with you.