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What is a virtual dedicated server?

FASTVPS provides SSD based VPS for rent
VPS (also abbreviation VDS is often found in terminology) is a dedicated virtual server that emulates a physical server over which you have full access.

On one physical machine (host server) where your server is located, the servers of other clients are located. At the same time, the resources of the host server are distributed so that the VPS servers can use all the resources that are allocated for them, along with this, the load on one VPS does not affect the operation of other servers.

All host servers work on modern enterprise-class components and fast SSD drives, and we are constantly monitoring the operation of servers.

When is server rental more profitable than buying?

Benefits of renting VPS servers
If your project requirements are not high, it is more profitable to rent a virtual server rather than to purchase or rent a physical one.

Renting a dedicated virtual server is an ideal option for a project that is only at the initial stage of development, given the low cost of VPS rental and free premium support from our side.

Full root access is provided for the server, so you can install any software that may be required, as well as make the necessary server settings.

FASTVPS offers dedicated virtual servers based on various types of virtualization and with various parameters

Additional options when renting virtual dedicated servers
Our servers are based on the following virtualization technologies:
The choice of the plan, and accordingly, the type of virtualization should be based on the requirements of your project. Dedicated virtual servers are suitable for hosting sites on the most popular CMS, as well as any other projects.

On a leased VPS server, you can place any number of databases, sites, FTP accounts, and mailboxes. All restrictions rest only on the physical characteristics of the server. Due to the fact that root access is provided for the server, you can install any web server on the server, as well as specify the settings for it and all sites.

It is possible to install GNU/Linux based OS on VPS EVO and SSD-K servers:
Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04
CentOS 7
Debian 9, 10, 11
Also for these servers, it is possible to automatically install the control panel:
ISPmanager 6

On-the-fly resources increase

An option to increase virtual server capacity
If you need to increase your server parameters such as:
number of cores
disk space
Within one plan line, it is possible to switch to higher plans, literally, in one click. It is worth paying attention that the technical characteristics do not change individually. At the same time, you will not need to transfer server data or change the IP address.

Servers on all VPS plans are activated immediately after payment, with the OS indicated on the order and the control panel (if it is required).

Virtual Dedicated Servers in Europe and the USA

You can rent VPS servers in various regions
All servers that we offer, with the exception of RU-EVO and US-EVO plans, are located in our data center, in Estonia.

US-EVO line servers are physically located in the United States.
A separate IP address is provided for each server.
Internet channels are backed up in data centers, and each VPS has a bandwidth of 100 Mbps.