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Servers for web hosting

How to choose the best server for web hosting

choose best server for web hosting
It is not an easy task to choose the best web server hosting. You will most likely have to spend a fair amount of time researching and comparing services, companies, and prices. To buy a web hosting server, it is important to make sure that the service provider has been on the market for a long time and has a good reputation. The most popular providers are not always the best. Often, less well-known companies offer quality services and may pay more attention to supporting each customer.
our servers for web hosting
FASTVPS has been providing its services since 2006. Our affordable and reliable hosting service receives positive customer reviews every year. 
FASTVPS servers are located in Europe and the US at TIER 3 and 4 data centers.
All hosting plans come with root access: take full control and customize your hosting environment according to your needs.
VPS plans include regular backups.
You get a free hosting control panel FASTPANEL.
You can install WordPress and other popular CMS together with Let´s Encrypt SSL certificates in a couple of mouse clicks.
24/7 English language support. 

FASTVPS VPS and dedicated servers

cheap and high-quality hosting
VPS is a relatively cheap and high-quality type of hosting that gives you full control over the environment in which your websites or online services will operate. VPS is a completely isolated virtual machine located on the provider's server. The user gets access to the remote hosting server via SSH, FTP, or through the web interface of a server panel. VPS can be provided in a variety of configurations, starting from the most budget-friendly to the fastest and most powerful, so this type of hosting will suit a wide variety of projects. 

A more expensive option is buying a dedicated server. In this case, you gain control over a separate machine. A dedicated server can be great as a corporate hosting for internal company resources, as a platform for working with large databases, as well as for other big projects that require significant server power and an excellent level of security.

How to choose the best web hosting server configuration

Hosting rates vary depending on the characteristics of the server. If you are launching a new project or changing a service provider, you should carefully evaluate the requirements of your project.
How much disk space does it need?
How secure should it be?
Depending on the required performance, you can choose HDD SATA, SAS, or SSD disks. If you want the fastest hosting, NVMe SSD is worth considering. Have a look at new FASTVPS plans within the ML-NVMe range, which use the fastest SSD drives. 

The choice of the best server OS for web hosting is related to the type of virtualization (OpenVZ, KVM, Hyper-V). Also, when choosing a hosting plan, pay attention to the speed of the Internet channel and traffic limitations. If you are not sure which hosting configuration suits you best, contact our support service, where they will give you advice on choosing the right plan for your needs.