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Intel® Xeon ™ Processor-Based Physical Dedicated Servers

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Processors line for Intel® Xeon™ servers

About Xeon E5 based server
Intel® has developed a line of Xeon ™ processors that are designed specifically for servers and have enhanced features. For processors, manufacturers have designed separate lines of motherboards that allow the use of several processors in one server (2, 4 or more processors).
Servers based on the Intel® Xeon ™ platform (version E5) provide high performance, stability and have the following advantages:
solving problems with increased server requirements
increased data processing speed
reduced processor power requirements
scalability (installation on a server 2 or 4 processors)
VT-x virtualization support
Turbo Boost support
big size of memory cache
the option to install more RAM on the server

Rent a Intel® Xeon™ processor-based server.

Rent an Intel Xeon processor-based server.
FASTVPS offers many different server configurations based on Intel Xeon processors (E5, GOLD, and other versions).
Here you can choose an Intel® Xeon ™ server for various tasks:
placing sites of any complexity on the server
online services deployment
using the server as a high-performance SQL server
compiling and assembling software that requires high processor performance
using the server as a Windows terminal server
1C server hosting with a large number of clients
game servers installation
deployment of virtual servers based on various virtualization systems
This is just a small list of the capabilities of Intel® Xeon ™ based servers.
It is also worth noting that some tasks will require other high-performance server components in addition to the processor. Contact us and we will help you rent an Intel® Xeon ™ server.
Choosing a Xeon Server Configuration
On a dedicated physical server based on Intel Xeon, you can setup a configuration that is right for you:
install a custom kernel (Linux)
any kernel modules (Linux)
install any OS you need (we will connect KVM with your image)
All server resources will belong to you, limited only by the physical characteristics of the server. Some features can be increased, the upgrade of each server is discussed individually.

Where are Intel® Xeon ™ Based Servers located?

various server locations based on Intel
In some cases, the territorial location of the server plays an important role, so we provide them in several locations: Germany, Finland: This will allow you to use servers for your projects, depending on the required conditions. Moreover, all data centers are connected to the largest traffic exchange points, which will allow users from anywhere in the world to work comfortably.

Along with server rental, FASTVPS provides free professional technical support.