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Buy a fast, powerful, and reliable server

rent a server
Online entrepreneurs often work with extensive projects, which need special security measures. To host such projects we have to decide what is more profitable - to buy a VPS or a dedicated server from a hosting provider or to own an actual physical server?

Buying from a provider has advantages over creating your own server infrastructure. The cost of server maintenance comprises the costs of security, ventilation, power supplies, a stable Internet connection, etc. Added to these are the cost of repairing and upgrading equipment, utility bills, and the fact that the server hardware you have once bought costs less and less every year. All these expenses add up to a sizeable amount. Plus, if the need for servers disappears, it's challenging to get back on your investment.

The average cost of buying a VPS or a dedicated server from a hosting provider is not high today. Yet, it includes all the costs listed above. The price of a server depends on the characteristics of its components: CPU, disk type and size, RAM size. If you get a server, you will not have to invest a large sum at once. If circumstances change, you can abandon the server and reduce costs.
rent bare metal server
The offer on the hosting market is so vast that it is easy to find an inexpensive server with high-quality related services. The best server is the one with technical characteristics fully meeting the needs of the project, but leaving some room for growth. To get a good server, you need to understand what your website or application needs. Determine which characteristic is most important for the project: speed or storage of large amounts of data?


Servers on SSD disks provide faster data processing speed. If the project requires working with large databases, which many users will access, pay attention to servers with the fastest type of disks - NVMe SSD. These disks provide parallel access to many processes and are capable of multiple reads and writes without sacrificing performance. Renting a server with SSD is a suitable solution for those cases when there is active work with databases, and not only passive storage of information.
Renting disk space on a server

If you need to store large amounts of data, for example, database backups or sites hosted on another hosting, choose a dedicated server on HDD disks. They are inferior in speed to SSDs but remain unsurpassed in terms of cost-to-disk space. Renting such a server will be much cheaper than its SSD counterpart.

Renting disk space on a server is a separate service that you should use when you need to place backups in safe storage. Buy space in a secure data center that is not associated with your main hosting because, in case of problems with the hardware on the hosting where the site is located, its copies will be protected. Renting space on a server, and not a VPS, will be cheaper since our special “BB” backup plans support only data storage, and it is impossible to host sites or other online projects on them.
rent private server
Inexpensive mini-VPS

If you need a web server, VPS rental is the best type of hosting in terms of price and quality. If you are looking for a cheap server for a business card site, pay attention to VPS in the entry price segment. Prices for such a server start at the cost of a cup of coffee.

The cost of renting a server per month is low and will allow you to avoid large one-time expenses. The server configurator on the FASTVPS website will let you select the geographic location of the data center, operating system, type of virtualization for VPS or type of disks, and cost category for dedicated servers.