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Productive FASTVPS servers for online store sites

Choosing a server as a platform for an online store is an important task since the quality of the service will determine the effectiveness of the online store, speed of work, customer comfort, and subsequently, resulting in profit from sales. Therefore, the selection of a server for your online store should be approached carefully.

FASTVPS offers two types of servers for rent:
a virtual server for online store
dedicated physical server for online store

What are the differences in server types for online stores?

various types of servers for online stores
The differences are that for virtual servers there are some technical limitations associated with the feature of virtualization, the technology of which is used. There are no such restrictions for physical servers. Also, if you use a dedicated server for the store, the entire physical machine will belong to you, and only your projects will use its power.

Virtual server performance is inferior to physical server performance.

These types of servers also vary in cost. VPS / VDS for the store (virtual server) will cost significantly less than the dedicated server for the store (dedicated physical server).

How to choose a server for an online store?

Choosing a VPS VDS Server for Online Stores
The choice of server type for an online store depends on several factors:
project specifications
the need to use technology like Docker, etc.
site traffic
the necessary space on the hard drive for the files and database of the project
Of course, you can consider the option of physically buying a server for the store, but most often, renting is much more profitable.
This is due to the fact that you do not have to hire employees to service the technical part of the server, buy equipment, develop and configure the network infrastructure. In the data center, all these nuances are already provided.
Buy a virtual dedicated server for the online store
For big, large-scale and resource-demanding projects, we recommend that you consider using a physical server. If necessary, some parameters of the physical server can be increased.

Less demanding stores are suitable virtual servers. At the same time, the server capacity, along with other characteristics, varies depending on the plan. In turn, the plan changes in one click without the need for a reboot.

If the project has ceased to require large capacities, the virtual server plan can be reduced while saving on rent.

Advantages of renting a server for an online store at FASTVPS

Rent a virtual dedicated server for the store
Renting a server from us for your website (online store) you will receive the following benefits:
modern and powerful equipment
free monitoring of the state of the most important components of the physical server (hard drives, RAM, processor)
free replacement of failed components
fast virtual servers
premium technical support 24/7