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Virtual VPS VDS Servers with KVM Virtualization

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Technical information about KVM servers

Information about virtual KVM servers
KVM is a virtualization system with which the operation of several virtual machines is configured on a physical server. Each server has its own kernel, memory and hard drive.

There are no restrictions on installing any software on virtual KVM servers, similar to physical servers. Unlike OpenVZ virtualization, Docker can be installed on servers with KVM virtualization, which allows you to flexibly and quickly configure the server and services on it.

For servers with KVM virtualization, there are no restrictions on configuring iptables and you do not need to connect additional modules TUN/TAP to configure OpenVPN.

The advantage of virtual KVM servers

KVM virtualization-based servers
Ability to install the necessary kernel modules, as well as use alternative OS kernels.

For KVM servers, we provide OS templates based on GNU/Linux:
Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04
CentOS 6, 7
Debian 9, 10, 11

Plan selection for KVM server

Rent a server with KVM virtualization
Renting a KVM server is a profitable alternative to a physical server with similar functionality, as well as a comparable cost with OpenVZ plans, with more settings.

For various projects, FASTVPS offer a line of plans for VDS KVM servers. Starting from the lowest rate SSD-K-1, which is used for the initial stages of projects, or for tasks that do not require high power, to the oldest SSD-K-6, the resources of which allow you to deploy a serious project that requires a lot of RAM or takes a lot of places.

Server parameters are fixed on plans. To change any server parameter, a plan change will be required.

If you want to change the plan, this is done in one click, in your personal account. Please note that a server reboot is required to change the plan.

When changing the plan, the following server characteristics change:
number of processor cores
hard disk size
RAM size

KVM server management

Remote management of VPS / VDS servers with KVM virtualization
VPS/VDS servers based on KVM virtualization allow you to connect to yourself remotely using a VNC client. In this case, you do not need to install additional software on your computer, VNC is controlled directly in the browser.

It is also possible to boot the server into Repair mode. In this mode, the server boots from a clean OS and the original disk of your server is mounted in the/repair directory. Repair mode will allow you to manually fix configuration errors, due to which the server cannot correctly boot into a working OS.

Additions to servers with KVM virtualization

Rent KVM servers with additional functionality
Some projects require the use of several IP addresses, so we suggest connecting up to 4 additional IP addresses to the server, for an additional fee.

As a supplement, a server control panel can be installed. We offer a choice of two control panels:
FASTPANEL - free control panel
ISPmanager 5