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Virtual VPS / VDS Servers on Linux

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FASTVPS provides virtual servers for rent based on GNU/Linux.

rent a Linux based virtual dedicated server
Our Linux VPSs are based on two types of virtualization:
Depending on the requirements of your project, consider the necessary virtualization technology. Each of them has its pros and cons, and if you plan to install additional kernel modules, then you should pay attention to the servers with KVM virtualization.

We provide full root access for VPS servers based on GNU / Linux, therefore You can make any server settings and install the required software.
Restrictions on the use of the server are imposed only by the virtualization system on which the virtual machine is based.

For Linux virtual servers, we have prepared templates from which the OS is installed. The templates allow you to install the OS on the server within 2 minutes.
The following OS versions can be installed:
Ubuntu 16.04, 18.04
CentOS 6, 7
Debian 9, 10, 11
rent a Linux based VPS/VDS server for your project
For virtual servers based on GNU/Linux, we offer templates with an installed control panel, which facilitates server administration.

Using a virtual server based on GNU/Linux allows you to save on the purchase of licenses, since these OS versions use the GNU license.
And all the software that can be installed from official repositories is also distributed under a free license.

Most of the web projects that are now published on the Internet work on servers running GNU / Linux. Since this OS is reliable enough in case of heavy loads and can work for a long time without rebooting.
That's why server rental on Linux is so popular for hosting sites and similar projects.

By default, the Linux virtual server is not the graphical environment is installed, so all work is done in the server console, unless the server is administered using the control panel.

Ability to manage resources and plans of Linux servers.

favorable prices for rental rates of VPS / VDS server on Linux
For Linux servers using OpenVZ technology, you can change the plan either up or down at any time. You do not need to stop the server or change any settings. Everything is done automatically, so visitors to your sites will not even notice that work has been done on the server.

For Linux servers that use the KVM technology, when the plan is changed, a server reboot is required to apply the changes. Unfortunately, this is due to the features of this type of virtualization.

In case of problems with the server on Linux, premium support is provided from our side. We will help you to configure the server, solve the problem. Please pay attention that we try to work under the rules of providing free technical support, but we often perform much more complex tasks.

On Linux virtual servers, a 100 Mbps network interface is organized and a unique one is assigned for each virtual machine IP address.