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Windows® based virtual servers

Optimal prices for Windows Server® based VPS/VDS servers
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FASTVPS offers virtual dedicated Windows® servers for rental

rent a virtual dedicated server on Windows
Our Windows® VPSs are based on Hyper-V virtualization technology, which allows Windows®-based virtual machines to run at maximum speed, without any host server restrictions.

For VPS, you get server administrator rights, which means that you can make all the necessary server settings and install any software that you need.

Access to the server is organized using the terminal connection service via the RDP protocol. Thus, to connect to the server you do not need to install third-party utilities; the desktop editions of Windows® OS contain all the necessary tools for this.

Dedicated Windows® virtual server can be used for completely different projects

dedicated Windows server can be rented for various projects
Installation and launch of a project with specific requirements for the OS and environment
Setting up Active Directory
Setting up Microsoft® Exchange mail server
Setting up DNS
IIS web-server usage
MS SQL Cluster Organization
Installation of any other roles
ASP.NET application launch
Install and use the Microsoft® Office software suite
Organization of a cluster of 1C servers
Install and work with any application for Windows®
Banal use of the server as a remote working computer
Windows based VPS server
A Windows® server VPS does not require the purchase of a separate license, the moment is taken into account in the server rental price. Please note that for some software it may be necessary to purchase a license from a vendor.

Windows® OS is multi-user system, so several users can connect to and work at the same time. Under the standard license, two users can work simultaneously, if you need to connect more users, you will need to order additional licenses for terminal access.

If you encounter problems while working with the virtual VPS server on Windows®, our specialists are ready to help in their decision, within the framework of the regulations of free technical support and to the best of our experience and knowledge

On-the-fly resources increase

Rent a Windows based VPS server for a favorable price
If the resources of the initially selected plan will not be enough, then at any time you can switch to another plan of this line. All server settings will be changed automatically without rebooting the server.

On your part, you will only need to manually increase the hard disk partition, or provide access to us so that we can do this for you.

Rent a virtual server on Windows®. First of all, it will be relevant for those who are not ready to study the features of other OSs and want to work in the familiar Windows® environment.