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Virtual servers VPS/VDS located in Europe

Optimal rental prices for virtual VPS / VDS servers located in Europe.

Choose the best rate and the optimal virtual server configuration for your tasks!
Customer Support Free 24/7/365
Automatic backup
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If you are looking for a VPS server in Europe, FASTVPS offers virtual servers for rent abroad.

Rent a virtual VPS/VDS abroad (in Europe)
VPS servers in Europe are relevant for various tasks:
The target audience of the project is located in Europe.
Projects that cannot be placed for one reason or another elsewhere
DNS organization
The data center in which the virtual servers are located is located in Estonia and is connected to the largest backbone providers. At the same time, close proximity to the countries within the European Union and the CIS to work with maximum speed.
Rent at favorable rates of the UPU / GVA server in Europe
Renting a VPS in Europe has the following advantages:
We guarantee a high degree of protection against unauthorized access to the stored information on the servers of the Data Center.
The reliable infrastructure of the Data Center allows you to ensure the smooth operation of your projects
VPS servers for rent in Europe allow you to choose different virtualization systems:
Despite the fact that VPS servers are located in Europe, we provide technical support in English. In case of problems with the server, you can feel free to contact us for help in your native language.