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Hosting and domain names for your projects

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Choosing the best domain name and hosting

Buying a domain name and hosting
A domain name and hosting are two pillars on which Internet projects stand. Hosting is a place of residence for your project. It has to be reliable and stable, like a fortress, and at the same time fast and scalable. A domain name is your Internet address, a unique name that customers will use to recognize and find you.

It is important to figure out how much the domain and hosting cost per year, and, based on this amount, plan the budget. Do not chase the ultimate savings, trying to buy the cheapest possible hosting and domain. It is quite easy to find an acceptable inexpensive hosting and choose a domain from the same provider since there are lots of providers happy to sell you their services. Web hosting companies often provide the basic services needed to create a website (hosting, domains, SSL certificates) as a packaged offer. Therefore, if you are wondering where to buy a domain name and hosting, it is best to buy them together from one hosting provider. Often when you pay for hosting and domain together, the price is lower.

Buying hosting? It's easy!

Best hosting prices
When buying a domain and hosting, pay attention to finding a reliable provider. Pay attention to how many years the hosting company has been operating, and what ratings its customers leave in social networks and on review websites. FASTVPS has been on the market since 2006. You can buy hosting for your website and any domain you like (.com, .net, and many others) as a packaged offer.

Before you buy hosting for a website, let's look at the types of hosting. You can have a shared hosting, VPS / VDS, cloud, or a dedicated server.
Shared hosting is suitable for small sites.
VPS is great for larger projects, and also allows you to configure the environment in which the site will be hosted.
Cloud hosting is good for frequent scaling of projects.
A dedicated server is an advanced solution for resource-demanding projects.
The first of these options is usually the cheapest, and a dedicated server can be a serious burden for your wallet. But the price of a domain and hosting per year is not the only determining factor when choosing. It is much more important to choose hosting that truly suits a particular website and a domain name that will reflect the unique essence of the project. Choose the best option among the FASTVPS offers based on your needs and budget.

Want to order hosting and domain? Our pricing plans for VPS and dedicated servers will strike a chord in all those looking for affordable hosting. A large selection of top-level domains will help you create an eye-catching name for your site.

Choosing a domain

How to choose a domain name and hosting
Often the best choice for projects aimed at the audience local to your city or country is to use a national domain zone, such as .de, or .es. If the project was created as an international one, it is advised to use a top-level domain .com or .net.

But there is no strict binding of national top-level domains (.de, .fr, .ie, etc.) to the geography of data centers where the website is hosted. For a domain in the zone, hosting is not required to be located in the United Kingdom. Hosting for. com can be located in any country in the world.

Top-level domains vary in price. It is important to take into account the cost of hosting and domain per year when choosing a domain name, and you should also consider the marketing value of your new domain. Thematic domain zones, such as .auto, .boutique, .clinic, .host, and others are gaining popularity. These top-level domains look up-to-date and work as keywords, suggesting your area of expertise to potential customers.

When you have decided on the hosting and domain zone, you need to choose the unique name. A few recommendations will help you choose the best option:
Do not use numbers, hyphens, dashes, or other special characters if they are not part of the brand name.
Choose a short and eye-catching domain: SEO experts agree that the length of the domain name should not exceed 17 characters.
The site name should be easy to spell and to remember.