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Rent a server for office

Nowadays, not a single company can operate without IT services, be it a company’s website, a document repository or a 1C server.

For most companies, it is impractical to buy server equipment for the office, and hire the staff of IT specialists for maintenance, since such associated costs for servers are much higher than server rent.

Why rent a server for the office?

Why rent a server for the office?
Most often, your server for the office is required to host the company's website. But in addition to hosting sites, office servers are used for the following tasks:
Corporate document storage
Using the server as a mail server
1С server
Voice over IP
Backup storage
Using the server as a domain controller
Deploying Windows Terminal Server
Setting up an online store
Installation of various CRM and ERP systems
For the office, FASTVPS offers to rent various server configurations. Starting with the simplest and ending with high-performance ones that will cope with any task.

The advantages of renting a server for the office

Why is it profitable to rent a server for the office
No need to immediately invest a large purchase budget
No need to hire IT staff
No need to create an infrastructure to accommodate
In case of any problems with the server, you can contact technical support
Rental of additional servers, if necessary
Increase server power without having to delve into all the technical nuances
Ultimately, the cost of renting a server for the office is much lower than buying it. Moreover, along with renting a server, FASTVPS provides free premium support, so we will try to help in solving any problems that we know.
Convenient access to office servers
Renting a Windows server will allow you to work in a graphical environment by connecting to a remote desktop. It’s possible to use familiar Windows applications such as MS Office or MS Outlook.

In addition to this, Windows is a multi-user system, i.e. at the same time, several employees of your office will be able to work on the server.

You can work with a rented server from anywhere in the world, since the server is connected to the Internet, that is, no matter where your office is located, access to the services of your company will be everywhere. It is also possible to work with the services of your company to employees from several offices at the same time, you do not need to configure the network infrastructure for this.