1. Please read this instruction carefully before submitting a request. This will help to process your request faster and save you time. 
  2. Please specify as much information as possible. Please use this WWW scheme when describing the issue. What happened? (E.g., "I cannot send email from [email protected]"). When did it happen? (E.g., "April, 5th, since noon").  Why did it happen? (What you had been doing before the accident, e.g. "I had been recreating mailboxes"). 
  3. Please provide correct server credentials. This will save a lot of time.
  4. Please wait for the response. Every new message makes your ticket move to the end of the line, and ticket processing time increases. That's why we don't recommend making any changes to your ticket if you haven't received any response yet. We process all the received tickets in the order of their arrival, so please be patient.
  5. We strictly recommend changing your root password before and after submitting a support ticket.