Can I transfer my data from a VPS or dedicated server to the FASTVPS hosting?

Our specialists can transfer up to 5 websites of a total of 10 GB whenever possible. If there are more than 5 websites or the amount of data is larger than 10 GB, the price is €5 per website.

What are the requirements for transferring data from VPS and dedicated servers?

  • Root or SSH access to your current (initial) server is required.
  • The programming language has to be PHP.
  • The new (target) server has to have either the FASTPANEL or ISPmanager control panel.

How can I request data transfer from a VPS or dedicated server to a FASTVPS server?

  1. Please submit a support ticket and provide root or SSH server access to the source server.
  2. Choose the plan. Our specialists can help you choose the appropriate plan after they evaluate the possibility of the data transfer.
    Important! When ordering a server, make sure to add either FASTPANEL or ISPmanager control panel to your order. Otherwise, the data transfer is impossible.
  3. Once you are ready, request the data transfer in the same ticket.

Can I transfer data from a virtual or shared hosting?

Yes. Our specialists may help you transfer your website to a new server if you provide an archive of your website files and a database dump. Your current hoster may help you create the archive.

How can I request to transfer my website from a virtual or shared hosting to a FASTVPS server?

  1. Please submit a ticket.
  2. Add download links to the database dump and the archive to your ticket.
    Important! The download link should be a direct one, i. e. downloading starts after the user follows it. Please do not provide links to file-sharing websites. However, you are free to use services like Dropbox. You may also upload the archive and the database dump on your server and give us the direct full path to your files.