What happens if my VPS gets under a DDoS attack?

If the attack's power exceeds the pps (packets per second) limit, the server will be blocked to protect the Data Center equipment. After the server is blocked, there are to possible options:

1. We can unblock the server 48 hours after start of the attack.
2. You should use a DDoS protection sevice for all the websites on your server. CloudFlare's free plan will suit your needs. This is no context ad, this service provides protection for an unlimited number of websites free of charge.
When your server is under protection, we will change its IP address. It is a paid service, but if your VPS is attacked for the first time, we change the IP address for free.
3. We can create a server image and provide you with a download link after you verify it's you.


What are the pps limits for VPS servers?

For Data Centers located in Estonia, the VPS plans have a limit of TCP 50,000 pps (UDP 100,000 pps.)

For Data Centers located in the USA, the VPS plans have a limit of TCP 100,000 pps (UDP 100,000.)


What happens if my dedicated server gets under a DDoS attack?

The dedicated server is automatically blocked until the attack stops. We unblock it once the attack on the server stops.


Please keep in mind the following:

  • In case of a UDP attack (this protocol is used for the DNS control panel operation), we only block the UDP traffic, not the server itself.
  • In case your websites/projects under a DDoS attack are prohibited by the FASTVPS agreement, they should be removed or transfered from the server. The server cannot be unblocked unless the prohibited websites/projects are removed or transfered from it.
  • In case of a powerful TCP SYN flood attack that puts at risk Data Center operation, it will be essential to use a DDoS protection sevice, for example, CloudFlare. Your server will not be unblocked unless it is under protection.
  • Additional fees may apply for changing the compromised IP address that the attacker knows.
  • In case of really powerful attacks (dozens of Gbps and more), FASTVPS reserves the right to refuse to provide services.


Take care to protect your projects from DDoS attacks and secure them with a protection service provider if needed. Our security provider pick is a free service CloudFlare.