This article describes the main types of websites/project/software that are forbidden from hosting on servers.

You can find a full list of the forbidden projects in Clause 11 (Forbidden Content and Software) of the Offer Agreement .

How do I know that my project may not be hosted?

If you doubt whether your project is forbidden, please contact our Customer Support Department and provide a description of the project or a link to the website. Our specialists will advise you on this.

What will happen if I store a forbidden project on a FASTVPS server?

Your server will be blocked once the forbidden project is detected. We will ask you to delete the forbidden project from the server. The Company reserves the right to refuse service if it discovers that its servers are used for hosting of particular forbidden projects.

How can you detect a forbidden project?

We can receive a complaint about your server, detect it during maintenance or get a report from our monitoring that checks the operation of our VPS servers.

How can you detect forbidden software?

The VPS servers are monitored for the use of forbidden software, for example, port scanning.