Both new servers that you are going to order and activated dedicated servers can be wired into a LAN using a switch or patch cord.

What is a LAN, a private switch and a patch-cord?

A LAN is a group of dedicated servers connected with a communication channel to transport data between servers within the network. Dedicated servers are connected with high-speed network adapters, while local networks use high-speed digital communication lines. You can add new servers to the network or disconnect them without affecting the network performance.

A private switch is a device that connects several dedicated servers, incorporating them into a LAN to provide high-speed communication.

The patch cord is used to connect two devices or servers.

Why wire dedicated servers into a LAN?

  1. To exchange data between dedicated servers: you can have access to any file from any server within the local network. If necessary, you can differentiate access rights for different user groups.
  2. Software installed on one server can run on another one.
  3. Many software solutions can work on dedicated servers and within a LAN, e.g. warehouse, accounting, legal software, etc. These software programs mostly use databases that can be updated from any server within the network.
  4. It is possible to wire dedicated servers with different plans into a LAN.

Can I connect any server to a LAN?

Some Data Centers do not support this. If necessary, please submit a ticket to the support department. Our specialists will study your case and the possibility of wiring servers into a LAN.