What if I get a complaint about my server?

If you get a complaint, a corresponding ticket is generated automatically. The client receives a notification. If there is no response within 12 hours, we send another notification.

Do you block servers due to complaints?

We do not block servers due to complaints. However, we can do it if the client does not respond or handle the complaints. In such a case, we block the server to prevent blocking by the DC. If the DC blocks the server, it takes 12 to 24 hours to unblock it. Moreover, the DC will not unblock it unless the complaint is resolved. The complaint is resolved offline. All the implemented measures shall be specified in the complaint report.

How much time do I have to deal with a complaint?

You will have 12 hours to deal with a new complaint. In general, you have up to 24 hours after the complaint is received. This time can be reduced if there are several complaints with no response from the client or if the complaint is serious (pornography, phishing, etc.)

What if it is impossible to handle the complaint at the moment?

If a client cannot handle the problem, they can provide our technical specialists with access to the server to deal with the complaint. As a result, our specialists will send a preliminary report to the DC. This will gain you some time to resolve the complaint. Otherwise, we are not allowed to discard the complaint or extend the resolution time if the client does not respond to it in any way. Please note that we cannot access servers unless you provide credentials.