1. The Company provides free technical support for the cases listed below.

2. General operations support.

2.1. Installation / re-installation of an OS (if there is no need to add the image).

2.2. Reset of the administrator's / root password of the OS.

2.3. Provision of additional IP addresses on a server.

2.4. Time zone transitions.

2.5. Building of RAID unit after the hard drive swap.

2.6. Testing of the RAM (memtester), hard drives and processor. Please note that the memory and processor testing requires a temporary server shutdown. The shutdown time depends on the RAM capacity. The estimated time for 16 GB is 16 hours.

2.7. System diagnostics of servers and websites to identify the cause of problems.

2.8. Standard antivirus software check.

2.10. General operations are performed for Debian Linux and CentOS Linux only.

3. Software installation and configuration.

3.1. Control panels.

3.1.1. Installation of ISPManager if the license is purchased from FastVPS.

3.1.2. If ISPmanager is purchased from a third party, we do not provide technical support for the control panel. However, the installation is free. In this case, the support services can be delivered by ISP Systems, the developer of the ISPManager.

3.1.3. Installation of FASTPANEL (hosting control panel) on VPS/VDS.

3.2. PHP expansions.

3.2.1. PHP module installation.

3.2.2. Rebuilding of PHP modules.

3.3. Other software.

3.3.1. Installation of Java JDK/JRE.

3.3.2. Installation of Sphinx for MySQL (the full-text search system for the database).

3.3.3. Installation of Memcached.

3.3.4. Installation of OpenVPN.

3.3.5. MySQL password reset.

3.3.6. Unless otherwise stated in this chapter, the software can be installed on Debian Linux and CentOS Linux only (stable versions). When installing the OS, the most optimal configuration is used. If configuration changes are needed, we contact the Client via the ticket system.

3.3.7. The Company's specialists choose the most rational software version. Usually, they use the versions from the repository. All the procedures not listed here can be performed once the corresponding ticket is submitted. The most complicated procedures are paid services.

3.3.8. Free technical support is not provided to clients who offer virtual hosting to their customers via the Company's servers or who resell the Company's servers.

3.3.9. Due to the high level of system complexity and possible non-influenceable factors, the Company does not guarantee the full operational capability of your servers and websites after system administration activities are finished.