What is a hosting control panel?

A hosting control panel is a tool that allows users to manage servers and hosted websites through a graphical interface.

What is the control panel for?

A control panel allows you to manage your server via a user-friendly web interface that does not require any administration skills. Thanks to the control panel, you can manage your email services, FTP accounts, and databases, add and remove domains and subdomains, upload files, check traffic statistics, set up pre-installed scripts, etc.

Personal account vs. control panel

A personal account is designed to manage your services. You can extend your service, check its status or validity period, as well as find your services' credentials. However, your websites are not located in your personal account. They are located on other servers that can be reached via the control panel.

Do you provide a control panel for free?

Yes, our FASTPANEL control panel is free of charge. You can learn more about it here: FASTPANEL.